Outside Media & Knowledge, UG is a Germany based company specializing in content creation, in particular storytelling and video. We don’t care about just delivering marketing and content projects to our clients, what we care about is making them meaningful and full of empathy to the client’s target groups.


We have a superpower – intercultural inclusion and gender equality!

Through our own history of moving countries, migration, inclusion and acceptance, and our international work experience, we are experts in focusing on culturally diverse groups, as well as youth and women, those of migrant and multicultural backgrounds.

OUTSIDE started as a volunteer initiative in 2018, when the Outside Multicultural Magazine was founded. The online magazine reaches multicultural groups, fighting the negative narrative about migrants and new community members in general. It uses storytelling, through the migrants’ eyes, as a vessel to spread messages of peace and belonging. OUTSIDE also used music and videography to engage youth into multicultural collaborations, through art. 

From there we continued into creating content for media, websites, social media, projects for our happy clients, not only showcasing their products and services but highlighting how inclusive they are and what they are doing to respond to the needs of most vulnerable members of society.

We use storytelling and videos to bring engaging content and grasp attention


Through marketing and content creation, including video, as well as projects and advocacy, Outside Media & Knowledge is showing what life is like for those who are misplaced, outsiders, newcomers, those called too young, too different, those left on the margins of society.

We show what it means to accept each individual identity and LOVE it.



We help companies and communities excel by becoming masters of inclusive and diversity-rich content. We give voices to those underrepresented, we make their stories shine and stand out.

Our teaching is that:

  • Diversity is not enough – we must act and learn together
  • Inclusion is not enough – we must learn about each other
  • Integration is not enough – it cannot stand without the previous two.


Vedran Ivandic

Co-founder, Chief Videographer

Loves people and people love him. Vedran has worked in many industries, from retail management to construction project management, in several countries and with countless people. He draws his energy from all the lessons and learning experiences in his 16 years of professional experience. Videography and animations are where he pours all his creativity and empathy in.


Aesthetics, clear and structured work, communicating purpose via visual media, inclusion

Sanja Ivandic

Co-founder, CEO

Also a people’s person. Sanja is at her best when she’s invited to solve a problem – for a client, for the community or matching those two. As an experienced marketer, highly interested in the social missions of businesses, she commits the same way to the local, international, small and big projects, as long as they have a higher purpose.


Empathy, business analysing, marketing, storytelling, inclusion