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If we are exchanging knowledge with you – we will teach you, and we will listen, learn and give back. GET IN TOUCH

We deliver online and in-person training and mentorship to youth groups, women, individuals and groups with migrant experience focused on how they should utilise their cultural richness and experience.

In delivering the training, we focus on hard-to-reach groups of youth, migrants and refugees and has expertise in delivering culturally sensitive, inclusive and easy to use training resources and methods, including flipped class method and the use of multimedia.

We also educate employers, institutions and organisations about inclusion, diversity and help them progress in this field, through consultancy, workshops and strategising.


Each content piece we create includes a great level of our marketing analysis of your needs. GET IN TOUCH

If we are doing marketing work for you, you will get inclusive principles, and we are proud of it.

If we are doing Inclusion work with you, you will get awesome marketing along with it and some catchy video material – we love to do that.


Through a combination of text, images and video we produce case studies, blogs, essays, social media stories, interviews, articles and more. GET IN TOUCH

We specialize in creating compelling content based on storytelling, using text, narration, video, photography and interviews. We own media channels that allow the powerful distribution of these stories.



These are the principles we integrate into all our training sessions, workshops and meetups. GET IN TOUCH

We KNOW that diverse communities sometimes exist without interacting with each other, so we are aware that diversity is a fact, but being truly together leads to BELONGING.

We ADVOCATE for acceptance and understanding between people of different cultural, racial, ethnic and other backgrounds.

We EDUCATE young people, women and hard to reach groups on how only through both inclusion and integration while respecting each other’s freedoms, we can build a happy future.

So far, we have reached more than 2000 people with our education resources, training and advocacy.

To make our training interactive and participatory, we use media, in particular, written stories and video, to advocate for full & functional togetherness throughout Europe, we show the beauty of European stories and boost the youth participation in these stories.

Diversity is not enough

We must act and learn together

Inclusion is not enough

We must learn about each other

Integration is not enough

It cannot stand without the previous two.



We focus on written and visual media to help you tell your story and shine through to your audience.

Communicating worthy messages across platforms, nations, to diverse groups, communities and individuals is what we stand for. GET IN TOUCH

Video Communication

Types of video we produce:

EU projects video, real estate, product video, recruiting video, commercials.


Helping you plan and implement meaningful campaigns.


We welcome clients to our own media channels, and we happily feature their stories.

Helping you plan and implement meaningful campaigns, reaching media relevant to YOU and YOUR audience, as well as securing an impressive social media presence.

Outside Multicultural Magazine is an online magazine with a goal to provide an online space, where integration, multiculturalism and diversity are supported. Therefore, we feature texts, videos and content by authors with different ethnic backgrounds.