Our EU funded projects and innovations



What we did

Outside Media & Knowledge UG  (Outside) is a proud partner and co-creator on 5 ERASMUS+ projects:

1. Wellbeing in Diverse Youth Communities (WELLHOODY), KA2020 YOU, is an innovative approach that will upskill YOUTH educators & migrant communities in racially diverse neighborhoods to empower youth wellbeing & recognise strengths that are coming from diversity.

2.Female Workforce Empowered in Construction (FEMCON), KA2020 ADU, develops innovative vocational education & training tools that will assist women working in or considering a career in the construction industry to progress to visible roles within the industry.

3. Young European Storytellers for Social Change (YES4CHANGE,) KA220 YOU, upskills youth leaders empowering them with new knowledge and practical training resources to help young people put technology and digital stories to good use.

4. Community Radio Empowering Unheard Voices (COMM UNITY), KA2020 ADU, empower community radio organisations & volunteers to become an influential pillar of adult education in civic engagement of diverse & vulnerable groups.

5. Inclusive Entrepreneurship Education for Migrant / Ethnic Minority Background Founders (INGROW), KA2020 ADU, in this project we pursue a holistic methodology to increase the inclusiveness, relevance, and impact of entrepreneurship education for migrant and ethnic minority background founders.

The Goal

We aim to create innovative solutions and educational resources to solve major social issues regarding inclusion, youth participation, gender equality and inclusive entrepreneurship.





Stay tuned for a number of innovative educational resources, such as open education resources, multimedia content and research findings.