Outside Music Show



What we did

These are important times;

We feel we are all on a crossroads in terms of multiculturalism and acceptance.

Peace is at stake wherever we go.

There are threats to the peace in forms of emerging waves of racism, strong nationalism, fascism, and more.

We strongly believe there are more communities in this world who disagree with those ideologies, than the ones who support them.

Without any doubt, we want to contribute to multiculturalism, integration, diversity, tolerance, understanding, and love.

We’re constantly finding new ways to do so, and as a result we are growing. Come and grow with us in this pursuit of peace.

Come and grow with us in this pursuit of peace.


The Goal

We were proud to bring together musicians from different countries, diverse backgrounds. They never met each other, yet they created this wonderful music interpretation, and that shows how powerful music is in bringing people together.

This time we take #MUSIC as art, as tool to achieve #PEACE
and celebrate #humanity in all its richness and #diversity.

We’re doing it through written words on our outsidemagazine.ie and now we’re adding music #art to it.

Big thanks to all musicians involved!


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Watch our Outside music show HERE