EKE Group (Entrepreneurship & Knowledge Exchange) in Freiburg and Emmendingen area, Baden-Württemberg



What we did

EKE (Entrepreneurship & Knowledge Exchange) is a group we created with the desire to create a space for sharing knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship, non-formal adult education, and empowerment through professional and personal development of skills and networks.

This is a place for kindness, mutual support, learning, and useful information.

This place is inclusive and welcomes diverse people, with the aim to enable meaningful exchange of knowledge and resources. We want to see the progress of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, especially those who struggle because of language, or any other obstacles in the area of Freiburg, Emmendingen, and wider.

Outside Media & Knowledge here share meaningful resources, and the members of the group are also invited to share the resources to help other learn about entrepreneurship, personal development, and professional growth.

Entrepreneurship & Knowledge Exchange Outside Media

The Goal

Our EKE group meets in Freiburg, or Emmendingen, Walkirsch and gathers people living in this area.

The group has also an online presence on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/708145501034821.


This group meets regularly to connect & support each other and learn from each other. Our topics are entrepreneurship and personal growth, especially for people who have migrated from other countries to this area, but also for everyone.


EKE is a diverse group. People from all over the world are members, and we are so so proud!


Each time we meet, someone presents their business, ideas, or struggles and while having a great time, we support each other.


Questions like these come up in discussions: How do I get noticed by local clients or institutions? Or: How do I crystalise my business idea? Or: How do I solve my taxes?



All of this work is in line with what we at the Outside Multicultural Magazine and Outside Media & Knowledge (https://outsidemedia.eu/) are striving to do.


  • We are supporting diverse groups toward not just better, but great life standard
  • We support migrant entrepreneurship through our projects INGROW (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100091220511438) and a new project PatENT (Patent Entrepreneurship for Migrants)
  • We facilitate inclusive marketing
  • We build belonging with huge faith in the power of human connection.

EKE Freiburg Entrepreneurship & Knowledge Exchange Outside Media