Outside Media & Knowledge Meets Emmendingen Town

On July 26th 2023, we met with the Emmendingen town representative, Mrs Sylvia Fall, who is doing amazing work on inclusion in this town. The town is full of initiatives, innovations and opportunities for all its citizens, and inclusion is a high priority.

Emmendingen is the Place to Be!

We had a chance to learn about all of this and we will be writing more about it soon. A special pleasure is that we had the honour to be invited to participate in the Intercultural Week this year, at the end of September!

A special focus of our chat was the EU PROJECTS and FUNDS that Outside is developing and the future of the town in this aspect.

Our discussion also took us to each of our projects and how these projects will benefit the town, in terms of capacity building, networking, funding, inclusion, and developing learning resources for local, regional, national nd international educators.

Outside Media & Knowledge expressed readiness to be one of the active stakeholders in ensuring Emmendingen town has its potential and name recognised originally, and internationally!

This is one of our missions. Always connecting the dots, connecting people, and ensuring wins for everyone involved. Stay tuned for more news.

Sylvia Fall – Emmendingen Town, Sanja Ivandic – Outside Media & Knowledge (left to right)
Sylvia Fall – Emmendingen Town, Vedran Ivandic – Outside Media & Knowledge (left to right)

The projects we presented are:

1. Wellbeing in Diverse Youth Communities (WELLHOODY)
2. Female Workforce Empowered in Construction (FEMCON)
3. Young European Storytellers for Social Change (YOUTH4CHANGE)
4. Community Radio Empowering Unheard Voices (COMM UNITY),
5. Inclusive Entrepreneurship Education for Migrant / Ethnic Minority Background Founders (INGROW),
6. LGBTIQ Youth Action to Combat Online Hate (LGBTIQ YOUTH NET),
7. Patent entrepreneurship for migrants (PatENT)