INGROW – Inclusive Entrepreneurship Education for Migrant / Ethnic Minority Background Founders

INGROW –  A Path for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Even if there are differences within Europe, it can be stated that throughout Europe the innovation potential of start-ups founded by migrants / ethnic minority founders is not sufficiently exploited and the huge barriers for these target groups still exist. Consequently, the EU-Commission identified the potential of Migrant/Ethnic Minority visionaries as an under-exploited source of economic growth to be addressed specifically through inclusive entrepreneurship.

Not least due to a lack of specific expertise, and financial and human resources, Entrepreneurship Education Providers are often not in a position to adapt their teaching offers and to provide targeted support and knowledge, matching the specific skills / needs by the target group and addressing the various challenges they face.

With the INGROW project, we pursue a holistic methodology to increase the inclusiveness, relevance, and impact of entrepreneurship education for migrant and ethnic minority background founders.

INGROW_OUTSIDE MEDIA & KNOWLEDGE Inclusive Entrepreneurship Education for Migrant / EthnicMinority Background Founders

Relevance and impact of Adult Entrepreneurship Education

The majority of partners have employed team members with a migration background as well as experienced business
founders and are also closely linked to the target groups in their daily business.

The project goal is to increase the relevance and impact of Adult Entrepreneurship Education on migrant / ethnic minority background
founders and their growth and innovation potentials.

The project started in 2022 and lasts until September 2024, producing resources that will be given free of charge to all target groups and interested stakeholders.