Check out this animation showcase

I’m so excited that I had a
chance to animate such a piece of art from the man who is an
Emmy winner, Creative/Animation (mixed-media) Director, Ariel Costa (his website:
He collaborated with great clients such as Marvel
Animation, Spotify, Adidas, Warner, Focus Films, Netflix, The New York
Times, Pinterest, Facebook among great others.

In the Music Industry, He had the opportunity to work in showing
visual concepts for bands like Panic at the Disco, Red Hot Chilli
Peppers (my favourite), and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Ariel Costa also directed music videos for incredible bands like Led
Zeppelin (also my favourite 🙂 ), Green Day, MASTODON, and Creedence
Clearwater Revival.

I just can’t believe that I had a chance to animate his piece of art.


Also, huge thank you to everyone in the School of Motion, Nol Honig and Pär Söderlund (check his work here and the others who were there for me any time to answer my questions, which I had a lot of 😊. Such an amazing school and can’t recommend it enough. Looking forward to new challenges and new courses, definitely.

Again, all designs of this art belong to Ariel costa, and I was just messing around with animation 😊

Can’t wait to implement these learnings to my work in Outside Media & Knowledge and bring a new inclusive dimension to animated video content, sending messages of multiculturalism and belonging!

Posted by Vedran Ivandic

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