Celebrating Progress and Unity in the Fight Against Online Hate Speech

In the picturesque city of Freiburg, nestled in the vibrant state of Baden-Württemberg, we at Outside Media & Knowledge were proud to host partners for the LGBTIQ YOUTH NET project. The meeting has marked the end of September for us and allowed us as a team to review our work on this project so far and plan for future tasks and developments.


Freiburg, photo by https://www.instagram.com/vedrumm

This initiative, generously co-funded by the European Commission, stands as an innovative programme that combats hate speech directed toward LGBTIQ youth in the digital world specifically. Today online hate speech poses a significant risk to marginalized groups, especially the LGBTIQ youth. This project is a testament to what collaborative efforts can achieve.


We were honoured to host our partners in this endeavour:


Each of these partners brings a unique perspective and expertise to the table, making our collective efforts even more impactful. Their dedication to the cause is unparalleled, and our mutual efforts are shaping a brighter future for countless individuals.

The project aims to align seamlessly with our philosophy at Outside, where we believe in the power of soft communication. As highlighted in our philosophy throughout our work, including the Outside Multicultural Magazine, we understand that the way we communicate can shape perceptions and influence change. We advocate for understanding, learning, and embracing the beauty of diversity.

Strength is in togetherness, and that was the leading moto of our meeting. We strive to create educational materials that will help teach youth about the mentality of togetherness and standing together against anti-LGBTIQ online hate speech.


One of the most anticipated outcomes of our collaboration is the “No Hate Speech Toolkit.” This toolkit is not just another resource; it’s a groundbreaking initiative that promises to be one-of-a-kind in Europe and the world. It will offer practical methods and insights to youth educators, enhancing their ability to work effectively against online hate speech. The toolkit is shaping up to be a beacon of hope and a tool of empowerment for our project’s target groups.


Our gathering in Freiburg was not just an event; it was a celebration of unity, progress, and hope. Baden-Württemberg, with its progressive ethos, stands as a shining example of what’s possible when communities come together to fight against hate and prejudice.

We are immensely grateful to all our partners, guest speakers (Ms Laura Laura Pöhler, presenting München gegen Hass Initiative, and Ms Melissa Fischer presenting the work of Fluss e.V. Freiburg and every individual who made this event a resounding success.

Together, with the financial backing of esteemed institutions like the European Commission and the unwavering support of our partners, we are making strides towards a more inclusive and hate-free digital world.





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