Empowering Women in Construction trhough the FEMCON project

FEMCON women in construction outside media & knowledge

As we celebrate Women’s Day, it’s crucial to shine a light on the strides made by women in traditionally male-dominated fields, such as construction. Across Europe, women in construction are not just participating; they’re leading, innovating, and fundamentally changing the landscape of the industry. This day is an opportunity to recognize their hard work, resilience, […]

Empowering Youth Through Music: Introducing the MY PEACE Project

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We wake up to a world full of conflict. The lucky ones are watching it from a distance, but what about so many of those who have to experience it firsthand? So many of them are young people and children. Nothing fair about it, nothing we should become numb about, nothing to be normalised. The […]

Celebrating Progress and Unity in the Fight Against Online Hate Speech


In the picturesque city of Freiburg, nestled in the vibrant state of Baden-Württemberg, we at Outside Media & Knowledge were proud to host partners for the LGBTIQ YOUTH NET project. The meeting has marked the end of September for us and allowed us as a team to review our work on this project so far […]

Outside Media & Knowledge Meets Emmendingen Town


On July 26th 2023, we met with the Emmendingen town representative, Mrs Sylvia Fall, who is doing amazing work on inclusion in this town. The town is full of initiatives, innovations and opportunities for all its citizens, and inclusion is a high priority. Emmendingen is the Place to Be! We had a chance to learn […]

Breaking the Mold: Empowering Women in Germany and the EU’s Construction Industry


Introduction The construction industry has long been considered a male-dominated field, with women significantly underrepresented in its workforce. In Germany and across the European Union, efforts are being made to challenge these gender disparities and create a more inclusive and diverse construction sector. One initiative that stands out in this endeavor is the FEMCON project, […]

INGROW – Inclusive Entrepreneurship Education for Migrant / Ethnic Minority Background Founders

INGROW_OUTSIDE MEDIA & KNOWLEDGE Inclusive Entrepreneurship Education for Migrant / Ethnic Minority Background Founders

INGROW –  A Path for Inclusive Entrepreneurship Even if there are differences within Europe, it can be stated that throughout Europe the innovation potential of start-ups founded by migrants / ethnic minority founders is not sufficiently exploited and the huge barriers for these target groups still exist. Consequently, the EU-Commission identified the potential of Migrant/Ethnic […]

FEMCON PROJECT – Female Workforce Empowered in Construction

Female Workforce Empowered in Construction FEMCON

Outside Media & Knowledge is proud to be a partner on the FEMCON project. This takes our work on empowering women one step further. This step takes us into a specific industry – the construction industry. Women in this industry deserve more visible roles, at the same time when the industry itself is facing challenges […]

Outside Media & Knowledge will support community radios

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Radio is still incredibly relevant in 2022! Today when the world struggles with trust and truth, when there are too many unheard voices and information flow too fast for an ever-decreasing attention span, evaluating which media is directly connected with social participation in local communities is a must. Radio has been voted the most trusted […]

Youth well being built on the facts of diversity

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Europe is increasingly a region marked by cultural diversity and foreign-born populations. EU-wide, youth who are either foreign-born or who are native-born with foreign-born parents account for one in five 15 to 34-year-olds (OECD/EU, 2018[1]). Their population share is increasing in virtually all EU countries, although the size and composition vary greatly across countries, reflecting […]